Capturing unforgettable moments

Selvatura Park wants you to have the time of your life immersed in nature and experiencing adventure at its best.  While you focus on the joy of the zipline ride, our professional photographers will take care of all the picture perfect action photos for you. 

Our photo package is simple to purchase and is the hassle-free option for fantastic social-media quality photos of your flying through the cloud forest canopy adventure.  Keep your phone safe for posting your thrill ride photos once on the ground again.  


Quantity Price
1 Person $25.00 Prices plus VAT.
2 Person $40.00 Prices plus VAT.
3 Person $50.00 Prices plus VAT.
4 Person $60.00 Prices plus VAT.
5 Person $70.00 Prices plus VAT.

Aditional $15.00 Prices plus VAT.

All packages include online access to download high quality images



$50.00 Prices plus VAT.


$25.00 Prices plus VAT.