5 hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica, for your dream experience

Getting enough rest is something that I always make a priority. When you’re on an adventure-filled vacation, it’s important to have a good place to relax.


In other articles I’ve mentioned that I’ve visited several adventure parks in Monteverde, and I’ve talked about my favourite one. This article will be similar, but here I’ll focus on recommending the hotels near Monteverde where I usually stay when I want to connect with the community, and have the adventure of going on the highest and longest zip line in the cloud forest. I will share five hotel options in Monteverde, Costa Rica, so that you can choose the hotel of your dreams.


Hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica: rest and connect with nature

When people ask about the best place to zip line in Monteverde, the next question is always about the best hotel near the cloud forest. That’s why I will discuss the hotels that I recommend, so that you can choose which one is right for you. Personally, I have three favourite ones where I usually stay, because they are near Monteverde and include transportation to Selvatura Park, which is one of the adventure parks I often visit.


Chira Glamping Monteverde: a camping experience


At Chira Glamping Monteverde, you can enjoy a modern camping experience where the rooms are like tents, so your room, or more accurately your bed, is inside the tent. You also have access to a kitchenette, a fridge, and a private bathroom which isn’t inside the tent, but rather under a small roof.


This camping style hotel is located in Cerro Plano, very close to one of the most famous adventure parks in Costa Rica, Sky Adventures Monteverde. Staying here is an unforgettable experience because you have the sensation of going camping, but in a luxurious way. However, I feel that the prices are quite high considering the services they offer.


Hotel Belmar: quality and history


This is one of the hotels near Monteverde, and one of the oldest and most famous ones in the area. Its four stars mean that it’s reliable, and I recommend this hotel to anyone who has enough money to invest in lodging.


Hotel Belmar is synonymous with luxury, which is why the prices are the way they are. Although the rooms and the services at this hotel are high quality, I prefer to save some money to do other activities that allow me the following hotels that I will mention:


Hotels near Monteverde, Costa Rica, that detailing the free shuttle service to Selvatura Park


Hotel Jaguarundi Lodge: feel nature from inside your room

Hotel Jaguarundi Lodge is located around 100 metres north of the Monteverde bus station, and it’s another hotel that I’ve fallen in love with.


Making my way into the hotel’s private forest is one of my favourite activities. I don’t just come to this hotel to rest, but also to have peaceful adventures in nature as I can hike along their trails and see the area’s native flora and fauna. There’s nothing to worry about in terms of the value for money, as Jaguarundi Lodge meets all expectations.


Hotel Heliconia: experience warmth, find more than relaxation

I’m captivated by this hotel because of its chalet style. Its houses remind me of the ones I’ve seen in Sweden, but with their own special Costa Rican touch. I also really like the wood finishes, because they remind me of the warmth of home.


It’s always been easy for me to book a room here. Hotel Heliconia, will give you a feel for the immensity of the Monteverde cloud forest, while providing good customer service, too.


Hotel Ficus Sunset Suites: dreamy sunsets

Hotel Ficus Sunset Suites embodies comfort, relaxation, and adventure in its elegant design. The rooms are big and spacious.


I feel at home here, not only because it’s easy to get around and visit the surrounding community, Santa Elena, but also because I love to relax peacefully in the chairs on the balconies each room has, where I can watch dreamy sunsets. The value for money is up to par. This is the perfect place to relax during a good trip.


In conclusion, the last three hotels I mentioned are my favourites, which is why I rotate between them every time I take a trip. One year I book a room at the Jaguarundi Lodge, the next year at Hotel Heliconia, and the year after that at Hotel Ficus Sunset Suites. They all fulfill my expectations and I can’t choose just one.


I hope that this article has helped you make a decision. Even if you’ve already decided which hotel to stay at, there’s still more to experience. If you want to continue your adventure at the best adventure park in Monteverde, I recommend the following article. If you book the Gold Pack tour or other zip line tour, you can use the Selvatura Park transportation service.


The adventure continues after getting some rest

Selvatura Park, the adventure you deserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica