Private transportation in Costa Rica: an ideal service for family trips

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, private transportation in Costa Rica is usually more costly than other transportation options, but it’s more comfortable and the best choice when you’re traveling with your family.


Here, we will summarize some things to keep in mind if you decide to use private transporation in Costa rica, and we’ll make a few suggestions about where you can get a quote for this service.


Private transportation in Costa Rica: four things to keep in mind for the best family trip experience

1. Safety and flexibility while traveling to any part of the country. As opposed to group trips for tourists, on private trips you can decide where to stop and how long you want to take to admire the scenery


You can make suggestions to the driver, or ask them about the best routes to travel to Monteverde, if you’re planning on traveling to the cloud fores


2. Create the schedule that best suits you, that departs from any place, airport, hotel, or private home. This gives you more freedom to agree on decisions with your family.


You can have an itinerary ready for places to visit, but if anything unforeseen comes up, such as wanting to stay somewhere for longer than you had planned, you can just schedule your departure when you wish, without missing any trips that are scheduled for a specific time.


3. Travel in nice vehicles that have air conditioning and that are driven by dependable professionals. The quality of your transportation is a decision that you can make for the safety of your family.


If you’re traveling in a vehicle that’s in poor condition, you risk wasting time as it will be more likely to break down. This also means that you could miss your tour reservations, depending on how long it takes to fix any mechanical issues.


4. Save money in comparison with other group services, as private service prices tend to be charged per vehicle rather than being based on the number of passengers, so you can travel with various family members or friends.


If we compare prices, a group shuttle service usually charges USD 54 per person, so if you’re traveling with six family members and you multiply that amount by six, it would cost around 324 USD. Whereas you can hire a private service with a fixed rate, that starts at around USD 232. When we think about it like that, you’d be saving money and traveling more comfortably with your loved ones.


Private transportation services in Costa Rica: some alternatives

With TicoRaid, you can compare prices for private transportation services in Costa Rica, to find the one that’s economically best for you and your family.


If you don’t have time to drive all the way from San Jose to Monteverde, you can take a domestic flight once you’re in the country with NatureAir (flights cost between USD 65 and USD 160 and are subject to availability). Once you’re in La Fortuna, you can hire a private transportation service. We recommend getting a quote from Transnuñez, and if you have time you can also check prices with Morphovans.


If you want to escape daily stress and enjoy a great vacation with your family, private transportation services in Costa Rica may be the best option, so that you can just focus on enjoying an unforgettable experience in this Central American country.

If you’re considering a visit to the Monteverde cloud forest, keep in mind that you can use Selvatura Park’s transportation service when you book a zipline or hanging bridges tour at the park.


If you haven’t decided where to stay, you may be interested in these Monteverde hotels options, one of which is particularly good for family trips: Hotel Heliconia.


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