Selvatura Park: the adventure you deserve to experience in Monteverde, Costa Rica

When it comes to ecotourism in Costa Rica Monteverde is by far the best destination, with hundreds of national and international tourists visiting each year. This rainforest offers visitors the joys of nature, including lush vegetation that is home to many wildlife species, in an impressive jungle atmosphere in the North West region of this Central American country.

Do you want to experience adventure in Monteverde, Costa Rica?

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is home to several parks that offer adventure packages for truly unforgettable experiences.

One option that stands out is Selvatura Park, a company dedicated to creating the best adventure experiences in nature. They offer activities such as canopy or zip line tours and a Tarzan Swing; hanging bridges, as well as butterfly and hummingbird gardens, a herpetarium, and countless other attractions.

Selvatura Park: Adventure in Monteverde lives here

Located in Monteverde, 139 km from the Juan Santamaria International Airport and only a few kilometers from the Santa Elena cloud forest reserve, there the majority of the hotels offer free transportation to the park from any hotel in the area. It consists of 350 hectares of protected land, and it’s one of Costa Rica’s main adventure parks.

Unlike other parks, Selvatura Park offers adventure activities that are suitable for the whole family. There’s also a restaurant, and lodging options both in and outside of the forest, so that visitors can enjoy complete, comfortable experiences. This has become one of the most popular online offers because of its great value.

“There’s certainly a lot to do in Costa Rica, but visiting Selvatura Park in Monteverde is a really great experience for kids and adults,” commented a visitor from Mexico City on TripAdvisor.

The best canopy or zip line experience in Monteverde

Each canopy tour or zip line circuit at Selvatura Park lasts for 3 exciting hours. It spans across more than 4 kilometres, connected by 13 cables that get longer throughout the tour.

You will have the option to try the Tarzan Swing, which mimics the way Tarzan swings on vines. You can also the possibility of doing canopy by crossing a 1 kilometer cable in Superman’s position, to truly experience the sensation of flying.

The last cable, which you cross with another person, is more than a kilometre long and it’s really wonderful because you’re so high above the valley, as you can see in our video,” wrote one visitor in their blog, Lagarto Rojo.

Here below, we’ll share one of the videos that this visitor filmed during his adventure:

For this tour, all you need are comfortable shoes. Selvatura Park provides all the necessary equipment, so that you can have a safe and unforgettable experience.

With unbeatable guides and safety standards, I highly recommend this. The way they treated the kids was excellent and very kind, the Tarzan Swing is a bonus,” said one visitor on TripAdvisor.

With Selvatura Park’s Gold Pack,
you will enjoy unforgettable canopy tours or zip lines,
and hanging bridges

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The safest hanging bridges in Monteverde

The hike across the hanging bridges at Selvatura Park consists of a 3 kilometre long trail that crosses the cloud forest canopy, which allows you to see nature from a unique point of view. On this tour, you can cross 8 hanging bridges that are between 70 and 150 metres long, and between 12 and 180 metres high.

Each bridge is 1.5 metres wide and can hold up to 80 people, which makes them the most solid, comfortable, and safest hanging bridges in Costa Rica. The whole hike takes about an hour and a half. To enjoy the hike to the fullest you can take a guided tour, and learn about Monteverde’s culture and natural history.

The canopy is spectacular, and the guides are wonderful and very attentive, especially with children. It’s 100% safe. We also crossed the bridges and saw the hummingbirds that pose in your hand. I definitely recommend it. They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel,” wrote a visitor from Spain on TripAdvisor.

Selvatura Park: All the beauty of Monteverde in one place

Butterfly garden

Beyond the incredible experiences with hanging bridges, canopy tours, and zip lines, at Selvatura Park you can also visit the butterfly kingdom that has a controlled temperature set at 28°C. You’ll feel butterflies in your stomach as you learn about this community of more than 30 types of tropical Costa Rican butterflies.

The staff at Selvatura Park will teach you about the life cycles of these beautiful insects, as well as their special abilities and the behaviours that have helped them evolve. You will also have the option of taking a guided tour through one of the world’s largest living butterfly exhibits, that spans across more than 2,700 square metres.

Hummingbird garden

Here at this garden, with hundreds of beautiful colours swirling around you, you will find stunning birds that you’ll never forget. At this Selvatura Park attraction, you’ll be blown away by the beauty and agility of more than 14 hummingbird species.

Excellent zip line! The best in Costa Rica. Long, fast cables. The Tarzan Swing and the Superman zip line were also excellent. All of the guides were great. We also visited the reptile sanctuary which was very good. The hummingbird garden is stunning, I highly recommend it! The hummingbirds eat from your hand,” commented one visitor from Uruguay on TripAdvisor.

The Herpetarium: Impressive amphibians and reptiles

At the Selvatura Park herpetarium you can see the most beautiful Costa Rican species of lizards, snakes and frogs. They’re cared for under the best conditions in climate-controlled terrariums that mimic each species’ natural habitat.

You will also learn about Costa Rican herpetology and debunk myths about poisonous snakes, while observing this type of Costa Rican wildlife alongside guides who are amphibian and reptile specialists.

We chose the package that included the hanging bridges, the hummingbird garden, the reptiles and amphibians, and the zip line. It was all really interesting, we learned a lot from our reptile and amphibian guide, and the views are great from the impressive hanging bridges,” wrote another visitor.

The best lodging options in Monteverde are here

Lastly, to complete your experience, Selvatura Park has three of the best hotels in Monteverde:

Jaguarundi Lodge

This is the only hotel in the cloud forest near Santa Elena, Monteverde, where you can have an experience that’s 100% natural.


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Hotel Heliconia

This is one of Monteverde’s most famous and classic hotels. It has beautiful views and an excellent price-quality ratio.


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Ficus Lodge

Located in the heart of Monteverde, this hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and nature.


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At Selvatura Park, you can experience the best activities in Monteverde. You just need to choose your adventure pack and it can be purchased online. If you’re looking for a recommendation, we suggest the Gold Pack to experience the canopy or zip line tour, and all of Selvatura Park’s bridges.