The 3 best adventure parks in Monteverde, Costa Rica

To me, Monteverde means flying like Superman, swinging on vines like Tarzan, having hummingbirds and butterflies landing on my hands, seeing new reptile and amphibian species, and crossing hanging bridges like Indiana Jones. It’s my favourite place in Costa Rica, and all of America, to experience the best eco-friendly adventures with family, friends, or just my backpack.

If you want to have these kinds of experiences at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve but you aren’t sure about which adventure park to choose, here I will recommend the 3 best options, listed from the least relevant to the best, so that you can make the right decision.

The best adventure parks in Monteverde

I’ve often been asked about the best zip lining options in Monteverde, which I discussed in another post. This article is different because takes into consideration not only the size of the zip line, but also prices, the other adventure activities being offered, additional services, and how easy it is to book.

3. 100% Adventure: Good value for the price

If you’re looking for an adventure park, this will be one of the first search results on Google. The best thing about this establishment is the price-quality ratio of their services. Overall, the activities they offer are quite cheap, and you can have a good experience here. I recommend this option for travelers on a budget.

At 100% Adventure, you can go on a canopy or zip line tour, hike across hanging bridges, go horseback riding, or ride an ATV. These experiences are satisfactory, although they don’t last very long.

The main disadvantage of this park is that information about how to book with them is limited, and the rates and adventure package information on their website is not up to date, so you aren’t sure what you’re spending your money on. There have also been issues with unhappy visitors, like myself, who expected more than what they got from 100% Adventure.

2. Sky Adventures Monteverde: The priciest park in the area

This is one of the most famous adventure parks in Arenal or Monteverde, Costa Rica. The best thing about this place is that they offer the only gondola ride in the area, which is great for people who want to see nature from high up for a few minutes, in a relaxed way.

Their website makes the booking process easy by providing all the information you need to understand what you’re spending your money on. Some of the activities available at this park are the canopy or zip line tour, a hike across hanging bridges, and a gondola ride. They also offer several adventure packages that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Personally, I had a great time here, but I feel that the prices are too high considering the duration of their tours and the quality of their services, which is why this isn’t my number one recommendation for this blog.

1. Selvatura Park: Adventure in Monteverde starts here


I’m the kind of traveler who likes to change things up, so after visiting all the adventure parks in Monteverde, the only one I’ve returned to several times is Selvatura Park. One reason is that they have the highest and longest zip lines in Monteverde, but there’s more to it than that.

At Selvatura Park, you can have the most complete experience for an excellent price. With the Gold Pack for instance, you can go on the best zip line or canopy tour in Monteverde, plus a non-guided hike across hanging bridges, for the same price that other parks charge for only one of these activities.

A complete adventure

You can also visit beautiful butterfly and hummingbird gardens here for a surreal experience, with birds perching on your hand and colours swirling all around you. At Selvatura Park, you also have access to the largest insect collection in the region, and a herpetarium when you can learn about the area’s reptiles and amphibians.

I also like Selvatura Park the most because of the high quality and safety standards they have for their installations and equipment, the warm and helpful disposition of the guides, and the free transportation that they offer.

Lastly, you can reserve the adventure package that’s best for you online, with 8 different choices for both those who seek extreme adventure, and those who are looking for more relaxing options. You can also book a room at one of their 3 hotels, choosing from the budget option, the one in the middle of the cloud forest, or the luxury hotel.

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