Where to stay

Here is a list of our partner hotels, this list offers hotels from all price ranges which we recommend for their quality and value:

Hotel Heliconia

Hotel Heliconia is one of the most iconic properties of Monteverde. It has grown with the area and is held dear in the hearts of many locals. The fine woods of the hotel buildings attest a history of sustainable development since conception, of the values of family, of comfort and of friendly service. Enjoy the wonders of Monteverde while we offer you the service and comfort of a real mountain retreat.

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Ficus Sunset Suites

At Ficus Sunset Suites we love our community and our people. We try to communicate this through our service with everyone who visits us. Come and share your holidays with us and have a unique experience in Costa Rica from a different place; with different people; with people who love the sunsets; with people who love the forest; with people who love the mountains.

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Jaguarundi Lodge

Jaguarundi Lodge is the perfect base to explore this lovely area, from our lodge you can enjoy the “Tico” mountain culture, walk the towns streets and get to know how people in the area enjoy themselves. You can also arrange to participate in one of the many tours available in the area. Come and explore Monteverde at your leisure, we will take care of your stay.

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Papagayo Golden Palms Suites & Villas

Papagayo Golden Palms is the northern pacific’s hidden jewel where you will be able to kick back, relax and enjoy nature in a luxurious setting where our staff’s mission is to tend to your every need.